SushiTaro™ Sushi Maker
SushiTaro™ Sushi Maker
SushiTaro™ Sushi Maker
SushiTaro™ Sushi Maker
SushiTaro™ Sushi Maker
SushiTaro™ Sushi Maker
SushiTaro™ Sushi Maker

SushiTaro™ Sushi Maker

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Make your own mouth-watering sushi in a beat with SushiTaro™ Sushi Maker! 

A fun and easy way of making sushi rolls using just 3 pieces: the plunger, sushi tube and a cap. Simply fill up your tube, close it up and use the plunger to shoot out those perfect round-shaped sushi onto the nori sheet. Roll it up and boom you’re done! No need to visit your local Japanese restaurant and make your wallet weep.
This reliable and extremely consistent sushi roll maker is built from durable plastic with food-grade, BPA-free components. Completely safe and suitable for professionals, beginners and even kids! Use it to hone your sushi-making skills or satisfy your own maki cravings! It’s up to you!
Keep the rolls coming with this Sushi Maker! Buy Yours Now!


  • DIY Sushi Rolls in Seconds! 
    Simply fill up the tube with rice and your desired fillings, close it, push the roll out using the plunger and wrap it in your nori. You can now have delicious sushi for everyone to enjoy without a trip to your local Japanese restaurant!

  • Perfect Sushi Roll
    A 3 piece sushi maker that consistently presents perfectly shaped sushi filling. No more struggle to keep it in shape and hours of rolling it yourself! A total lifesaver in making your own delectable sushi.

  • Non-stick Design
    Made with non-stick design and detachable parts allowing not only for your journey in sushi making easy, but also saving you from hassle in your cleaning duty. Just put it in your dishwasher and you're good to go!

  • Large Size
    You can put a large quantity of rice and fillings including veggies, fruits, seafood, seaweeds and more! This sushi maker measures 12 inches X 2.5 inches, perfect for a sushi party and for those who enjoy large shaped rolls!

  • User’s Friendly
    No sharp edges and is made with food-grade, BPA-free components. Suitable for professionals, beginners and even kids! Feel your way in creating authentic-style sushi and savor every bite with 0 risks.


  • Material: Food-Grade PP
  • Size: 5cm x 29cm


  • 1 x SushiTaro™ Sushi Maker

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